Faux Books, Posters & Albums

The Thorold Gallery

These invented exhibition posters grew out of the Secondary Occupants project (more info below). The posters are a way for me to imagine (and have the viewer imagine) exhibitions into being. This is an ongoing effort, I am planning on designing a few seasons worth of programming for the gallery

Black & White Gallery, Bushwick, 2017

Black & White Gallery, Bushwick, 2017

Volumes from an Imagined Intellectual History of Animals, Architecture & Man (2010–2014) 

A Component of the Secondary Occupants / Animals & Architecture project

This series of faux books, records and posters (2010-2014) are meant to be the reading, listening and viewing materials of the fictional investigator at the center of the project. The items all connect in some way to the intersection of animals and architecture (often rather obliquely). I have designed new covers for old library books, mostly using a mid-twentieth century modernist graphic design style. As physical objects they are fairly convincing fakes. The invented volumes walk the line between absurdity and plausibility. The books appear to lend intellectual support to the efforts of the investigator, or at least clues to his thinking. I include them in exhibits as a way to introduce certain themes and relationships into the mind of the viewer which they then take to the other elements of the project. With the exception of one found photograph (Invertebrates & Architecture), and several of The Waldron Way books (the last batch on this page) all of the photographs, graphics, logos and text were generated by the artist. All books, posters and records are in editions of 4 with 2 A.P.




Album Covers

Books from Observer on the Upcoming Change

From a collaboration with Die Philosophischen Bauern (The Philosophical Farmers). More information on the Collaborations page.