Bird Captures

Bird Captures 2 was the second collaboration with composer/violinist David Adamzyck. The first featured an installation of ten years of bird photographs (often taken from a great distance), accompanied by performances of Flying Mobiles, Adamzyck's bird songs for violin. In this iteration, (part of the installation group show TH&B United, in Hamilton, Ontario) the music remained the same but the visual content changed, instead of capturing birds with a camera I made a series of fabric banners depicting the birds featured in the music. Together the hanging banners created an enclosure in which Adamzyck performed. 
Flying Mobiles consists of a number of short modular works for violin that attempt to capture the complexities of birdcalls, calling upon unconventional modes of sound production and extreme virtuosity to emulate the increasingly uncommon songs of nature. 

Below are some of my installations related to the Secondary Occupants Project for more specifics on the project as a whole, go here.

In Ruins

BT&C Gallery Buffalo, New York, 2014

Abandoned House / Decay Community

The Abandoned House/ Decay Community installation has been shown as the center piece of the Secondary Occupants Collected & Observed Project) in the sidebar). It has been exhibited alone at Artspace in Buffalo and at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, both in the fall of 2009.

The centerpiece of the installation is the Abandoned House-Specimen Map Table, which depicts the floor plan of a typical early 20th century single family home. Graphics on the plan locate the areas where various animals were found. Lines from the occupied places run to the edge of the table where they continue as threads that go up to the ceiling. Hanging from the ends of the threads are fabric portrait banners that depict the animals associated with the occupied space.

Installation at Maison Rabelais

In conjunction with a solo exhibtion at Galerie Toutou Chic in Metz, France, I was invited to create an installation at Maison Rabelais, a medieval building where French Renaissance writer, satirist and scholar François Rabelais lived from 1545 to 1547.

The Ruins of 270 Sherman Avenue

The Ruins of 270 Sherman Ave. North is an installation I made for TH&B2 a site specific group installation exhibit in a former textile factory in Hamilton, Ontario (April 21-May 12, 2012). The show was organized by TH&B, a Hamilton, Ontario based art collective. The piece is comprised of a cycling slide show of abandoned spider webs that I photographed in the space and two overhead projections of portraits of the species that made the webs. My installation was in a small room off of the main hall.

Museum Installation / Burchfield Penney Art Center

These images document the second staging of the Secondary Occupants / Collected and Observed exhibit at the Burchfield Penney Arts Center in Buffalo, New York. The show was part of the 2010 Beyond/In Western NY Biennial. 

Garden Shed / Decay Community

Secondary Occupants/Collected & Observed was installed at Black & White Gallery and Project Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in March 2010. The garden shed in the gallery courtyard was torn down in Buffalo and reassembled at the gallery.