Check it out if you are in Western New York or Southern Ontario, or just passing through Buffalo.



The End of Cafe Taza

Cafe Taza, the small cafe that I go to most mornings, is changing ownership and with this change the old identity I designed for the cafe is going to be retired. Below is the poster I designed for the transition party. Below that are some examples of the identity system in action.


Wall Paintings for Play/Ground

I spent two days making six large wall paintings for Resource Art’s Play/Ground event. 29 artists will be making installations in a former high school in Medina, NY. More pictures soon.

Irregular Chickens

I have been playing around with recombining and repurposing past illustrations, with no particular goal in mind. These chickens come from the State print series.

chicken colors-09.png

Montague Projects' Design for Nuits Sonores

The visual identity I designed for the Nuits Sonores music festival was unveiled today. The indie/edm festival in Lyon, France features 200 performing artists and 140,000 festival-goers at 40 urban locations. Some amazing European studios have done the identity in past years (Superscript2, Studio Feixen). As a designer I’m really excited about the big posters that are going to go up in the Paris subway.  The full line-up will be announced tomorrow. I'll be posting more from this project as it takes shape.