Irregular Chickens

I have been playing around with recombining and repurposing past illustrations, with no particular goal in mind. These chickens come from the State print series.

chicken colors-09.png

Montague Projects' Design for Nuits Sonores

The visual identity I designed for the Nuits Sonores music festival was unveiled today. The indie/edm festival in Lyon, France features 200 performing artists and 140,000 festival-goers at 40 urban locations. Some amazing European studios have done the identity in past years (Superscript2, Studio Feixen). As a designer I’m really excited about the big posters that are going to go up in the Paris subway.  The full line-up will be announced tomorrow. I'll be posting more from this project as it takes shape.


Fast & The Furious as Penguin Crime Books

I had a cultural mash-up idea recently that was too ridiculous not to follow. I made book covers for the Fast and the Furious film series in the style of Penguin's crime series from the early 60s, using the photography of Swiss policeman and art photographer Arnold Odermatt. Apologies to Romek Marber, Arnold Odermatt and Vin Diesel.

Centerfold Art for The Public Newspaper

I did an illustration for The Public (Buffalo New York’s new alternative weekly paper). The piece depicts the massive lake effect snowstorm that delivered 6 feet of snow south of the city. It was dubbed “The Knife” by the county executive because the snow cleaved the county in half. 

PrintCollection is going to sell prints of the piece in a range of sizes, you can find those here.