Secondary Occupants Mural

In 2013 I was commissioned by restaurateur Mark Goldman to create a mural on the side of Allen Street Hardware, a restaurant and bar. I adapted the illustration from the cover of Secondary Occupants the faux book. The mural is part of a street art initiative started by Goldman in the Allentown district of Buffalo, New York. 

Socrates Sculpture Park / 2008

These images are from the time I spent at Socrates Sculpture Center in Long Island City, Queens in late April and Early May of 2008, building my sculpture "Three Shopping Cart Situations." The building process took 12 days, almost 3 times longer than I had estimated, it rained almost every day. The pictures towards end are from a return to the site in early June and then again in August to de-install.

Garden Shed / Decay Community / 2010

Secondary Occupants/Collected & Observed was installed at Black & White Gallery and Project Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in March 2010. The garden shed in the gallery courtyard was torn down in Buffalo and reassembled at the gallery.